Monday, July 30, 2007

20070730 Jupiter

C5 at f/30, DBK 21AF04. Seeing was quite good at 6-7/10, transparency not bad for Hong Kong at 5-6/10, but not as great as early last week.

2205 (GMT+8):-

2209 (GMT+8), this one is captured with BY8 (device) and Y800 (file) and Debayer'ed by Registax, color balance of the camera will be disabled, the saturation setting is also disabled, got to do the color afterward:-

2214 (GMT+8), use RBG24 again:-

2217 (GMT+8), 120% resized:-

I found that if the NGF-S is placed at the 2" visual back, the system will be too rear heavy such that the whole setup could fall down! I need to find a better way, therefore.

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