Tuesday, July 24, 2007

20070724 Lunar Observation (DMK+C5)

DMK31AF03, C5 at f/30, transparency 7-8/10, seeing 2-3/10. Seeing was very bad such that I can see the wave front of heat! It's like ripples in form of a curved line, scanning through the image stream, not exactly periodic but it came again and again, ruining a lot of frames.

2149 (GMT+8), near the center of the image, we have a swallow crater called W. Bond, and the small but deeper one on the left corner of it is called Epigenes, there was another similar one on the far right, and it's called C. Mayer:-

2151 (GMT+8), the famous 20 cents (Hong Kong):-

2153 (GMT+8), Clavius:-

2158 (GMT+8), Plato:-

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