Sunday, July 08, 2007

20070708 - 20070709 Jupiter

C5, 2x barlows, DMK 31AF03, transparency 7/10, seeing 2-3/10, Gain ~500, 1/15s, histogram function used to avoid overexposure.

This is one of the shots, taken on 20070709 0002 (GMT+8), 150% resized:

Despite the small image scale, I feel that it's better than many of my previous C8 shots, mostly due to the reason of my site -- I'm doing indoor imaging in an apartment, the head released from the building wall, and the air conditioners around are making seeing too worst for a C8 for most of the time.

ROI is used for this shot, this saves a lot of processing time for those who has a slow PC like me... it's 5 years old, a Duron 1G only. I found Registax V4 tends to over stretch the histogram, so I unclicked stretch histogram for the rest of the clip, to avoid "white out" like the above one:

2351 (GMT+8):-

2353 (GMT+8):-

2357 (GMT+8):-

2359 (GMT+8):-

0002 (GMT+8), reprocessed to avoid over stretching:-

End of report

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