Tuesday, September 29, 2015

20150928 Sun with ASI 120mc

Yes, you read it right, and I'm using a color camera to do H-alpha since my monochromatic LU070M was dead.

This frame shows the problem, the bayer color matrix ruins part of the resolution... 

As a work around, I downsize the images and here are the results:-

First up is a prime focus shot, taken at 1539 (GMT+8):-

Next is an overexposed prime focus shot, at 1542 (GMT+8):-

We have a huge prominence stretching all the way out and go back to the solar limb, what a sight!

Finally, a 3x close up:-

which is the downsized frame of the very first image of this page.

My Lu070M is dead

Today I found that my Lu070M is dead, I try to fix it but in vain.

Computers could still detect its presence, its serial number is shown too.  But then the captured screen remains all black, not even noise was shown.

I wonder if I should buy a ASI 120mm again or to let the Solarmax go.  I'll wait to see if I could find something good and cheap, first.

Meanwhile, I'll use my ASI 120mc at the time being.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Australia trip first shot 20150807 Gold Coast Surfer Paradise

This is a simple shot from the balcony of the hotel room:

Note the Omega globular cluster!

I did take longer exposure, but it didn't help much, so this one is left as a record.

A clean sky is half way to success, it's bright there but you could still do something.

20150923 Sun

Cloud moving around, so I only managed to get one single shot as below:

1400 (GMT+8), prime focus, i.e. 480mm.