Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mount stability

I still remember that several years ago when I use my Giro mount with my C8, the mount is rock stable and it didn't move a bit when I turned the focus knob. Last night, I was using the LXD55 with my C5, but the image jumped crazily when I touched (not turned) the focus knob, it takes slightly more than 1s for it to settle down. Therefore, to do focusing, I turn it roughly to focus the image, and the tap on side of the focuser knob to fine tune it, the action is repeated again and again until the image looked sharp. Problem is seeing, you will need to wait for around 10s at least to wait for better seeing to know whether the focus is correct for not, and this has to be repeated many times to verify and find the best position.

With my NGF-S, the problem can be solved entirely, but sometimes, I'm too lazy to remove it from my Borg 45ED II and to re-attached it to the C5. Somehow I think I shall leave the NGF-S on the Borg during weekend when I can do solar imaging, and put it on my C5 during week days, for doing planets or lunar imaging.


The sun is moving to another position, maybe I can use my C5 for indoor solar imaging soon. Previously, there's only very few sunshine going directly inside my playing room (home@walnut), but now it's getting more and more.

Also, the bus station where it was completely flooding with sunshine in the morning (the bus station which I waited for a bus to office), now it's hidden in the shade of a close by building, the sun has turned!

Let's hope.

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