Monday, July 09, 2007

DBK ordered

Just placed an order on a DBK 21AF04.AS, will arrive hopefully within July.

This will be used for planet imaging, color lunar imaging and some limited deep sky imaging with Peltier cooling.

I didn't order the one with IR filter because I wanted to retain flexibility, in case it's needed, I can always use my 1.25" Baader UV-IR block. I think UV-IR block is not required for deep sky and Jovian planets for most of the time.

With the long exposure capability of the DBK, it should be better than a DSI for it has lower noise level, but high frame rate (60 fps) at the same time.

Let's see.


Later I was told that the IR cut of the DFK is not very good for astronomy purpose, it's more like bell shape cut off to mimic human eyes rather than sharp cut for astronomy purpose, so the Baader UV-IR block will be better in that sense.

Eric just told me that he's thinking to remove that built-in IR, too.

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