Sunday, July 22, 2007

20070722 Lunar Observation

Seeing was very poor at 1-2/10, transparency around 6-7/10. I used C5 at f/30 for high power close up, DMK 31AF03. Full disc shot was done by Borg 45ED II at prime focus, DBK 21AF04 with "Casio" IR/UV blocker.

1939 (GMT+8), Upper one is Aristoteles and the lower one is Eudoxus, the one very swallow one on the left to Aristoteles is Egede.

1944 (GMT+8), Upper Right is Cassini which is the main target of this shot, the large empty "volcano" like hole near the bottom is Aristillus, the bright patch on the top left is Mons Piton.

1948 (GMT+8), Cyrillus and Theophilus, 2 points alignment, feather = 8 used, but the boundary still left.

1950 (GMT+8), Vallis Alpes, actually, it's just the left of the first shot (1939).

Finally, 2002 (GMT+8), taken by Borg 45ED II with DBK 21AF04 with "Casio UV/IR" filter installed.

Lunar imaging is prohibitly hard due to poor larger scale seeing condition, with a small telescope, planet imaging is still possible since it's not very hard to get planet size good seeing cell, but lunar imaging is another story, since a single crater can be way larger than a planet (angular size).

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