Wednesday, August 24, 2011

20110824 Sun

After selling my Solarmax, I have stopped solar imaging for pretty long since now I only have a 10+ years old Thousand Oaks Type 2+. You know, I've been spoiled by H-alpha imaging, CaK imaging and even for white light, I used to do with a Herschel wedge! Anyway, our target is always more important than equipments, and so I pulled out my decade old filter, together with a green filter, as well as my Lumenera Lu070M for imaging.

The telescope used was the Ranger, and now it works with all its 70mm aperture.

At prime focus, i.e. 480mm focal length, 1520 (GMT+8):-

With 2x barlows, i.e. 960mm focal length, 1521 (GMT+8), AR1271:-

Not bad, right? I guess I will continue my solar imaging hobby with this cheap and simple filter.