Monday, July 30, 2007

From a Philips ToUCam Pro to a TIS DBK 21AF04

Notice the noise level, the ToUCam has a blue-ish background with a lot of random noise, while the DBK despite having the same CCD, has a clean dark background. Working at f/22.

The exposure was adjusted to about the same. Gain is hard to "normalize" across two systems, so it's done by eyes. The ToUCam Pro has a 1/25s of exposure, and around 75% gain while the DBK has 1/23s exposure, and around 80% gain.

We are isolating the effect of frame rate in this test, the DBK can go up to 60 fps uncompressed while the ToUCam Pro can only go up to 10-15 fps at most without introducing too much compression artifacts.

Let's include two raw images from the above AVIs:-

You can see that the ToUCam Pro's one has compression, more noise, and some sharpening artifacts, the DBK's one is cleaner.

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