Sunday, July 01, 2007

DMK camera Peltier cooling experiment


- DMK 31AF03 AS version
- Cosmicar c mount lens f=8.5, f/1.8 operating at f/16


Images were taken sequentially, each shot is taken with 132s exposure with zero gain, frames are taken uncooled at first and then cooled, the first half are uncooled and the second half are cooled.

Fan is operating at 12V, and the Peltier cooler is running at 6V only. The camera is kept inside a not-so-completely shielded box to avoid condensation, since the cooling is not very strong at around 5-10 degree below ambient (rough estimation) and this form of shielding is enough already, dessicant should be placed inside the box and better shielding should be done if more aggressive cooling is applied.

Please click for full size:

t = 0s (uncooled)

t = 660s (uncooled)

t = 1320s (uncooled)

t = 1980s (uncooled)

t = 2640s (cooled)

t = 3330s (cooled)

t = 3960s (cooled)

As you can see, noise becoming more serious as it is being used without cooling, it is because the camera gets warmer and warmer during the exposures. When cooling is applied, noise is removed gradually and when the camera is cooled between ambient temperature, it is even cleaner than the first frame.

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