Thursday, July 19, 2007

How to attain 60 fps with a DBK

I believe this method also works for DFK.

Select Y800 and then choose "unspecified" for the codec, then you will have an AVI file generated without Debayering. The Debayering job should be left for Registax V4.

In Registax V4, after you load that AVI, you will want to go to the "Additional Options" tab in the alignment stage, enable Debayer and choose GB, Registax will then calculate the color for you.

It's done, below is my first color image acquired with 60 fps, and stacked by Registax:-

Anyway, I believe 15 fps is the most useful for planet imaging, for we will use 1/15s or slower shutter in most cases, I believe. Even 30 fps is less useful.

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