Wednesday, May 15, 2019

20190515 Moon

Went camping two days ago but then it was fully covered and even had some showers.

Pulled out my 85mm ED to shoot from inside home tonight.... all taken with 5x Powermate, ASI 120mm

1549 (UT):-

1545 (UT):-

1540 (UT):-

Poor transparency, seeing moderate.

Monday, April 22, 2019

20190422 Sun

When it's summer, I will no longer be able to take solar images from inside my home.  So, this one is going to close this observation season.  Luckily, we have a pretty big prominence today.

0731 (UT), with reducer:

0735 (UT), reducer with 5x Powemate:

Part of the aperture was blocked by the window frame, so the resolution was much affected, too.

Monday, April 08, 2019

20190408 Sun

AR2738 is definitely the focus today.

Ranger with 5x Powermate, reducer not removed, so it's not 5x indeed.  Taken at 0638 UT, ASI 120mm.

0635 (UT) with reducer for full disc shot.

We finally got a sizeable active region after long inactivity.

Sunday, April 07, 2019

20190407 Sun

Taken at 0717 UT, the one below is colorized digitally.   Ranger with reducer, Solarmax II 60 with BF10, ASI 120mm.

Something is happening on the top and bottom left.  Very very foggy sky.

Monday, March 11, 2019

20190311 Sun

It has been rainy for so many days...

Foggy still, but at least there is some sunshine, of course, it results in more noise.

0639 (UT), Ranger, Solarmax 60/BF10, ASI 120mm as usual.

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

A new backpack

I am inspired by a local youtuber so that I want to try out hiking plus photography, probably even astrophotography!

I therefore need a good backpack for this purpose.  I want a backpack which will allow me to take basic camera and lenses, a small tripod, and more importantly, a hydration bladder so that I can hike with it.  The one which I choose is the Lowepro Photo Sport 200 AW.

I choose this backpack because it looks like a hiking backpack more than a camera backpack.  For my purpose, photography is not the key point.  Being able to take a camera body plus two lenses are probably enough for me.  In the above picture, we have a Canon 70D with Canon 10-22mm attached, and a Canon 100-400mm lens on the side.  Notice that the bag will not take a Canon 70D with the Canon 100-400mm attached.

Finding a camera backpack with a hydration bladder is not easy, and this is one of the exceptions.  The hydration bladder compartment can hold a laptop alternatively!  It makes this bag useful for daily purpose as well.

The top compartment could be used to take other personal stuff, like food and maybe a small tripod, or rain jacket.  This is important for hiking trip.  The weather also features a built-in rain cover!  The hip belt has two small pockets for some minor stuff, like a power bank for mobile phone, etc.

Finally, there is a outside sleeve for some small items like your hat, and so on... for quick grab!

Really wanted to see how it works out in the field.  I'll do more hiking and photography trip during the summer, when camping is too hot to be an option.

Let's see how it works out, the usability and comfort is yet to be tried out.

Sunday, March 03, 2019

Stepping down as a moderator

I have been given a chance to give up my duty, and I feel sorry to end my role of moderator this way.

So, I did a screen capture as memory:

I really forgot how long I had been a moderator there, but this popular and long-life thread gives the bottom line:

I have been running this challenge for 11 years!  And it comes to an end not too long ago.

Anyway, I was suddenly asked by a red guy tonight that my contribution and involvement was not enough, and I was given a chance to repent.  But guess what, my level of involvement had been similar in the past years, and even since from day one.

Part of the reason is that, I'm from GMT+8 and when mode ration was required, I was sleeping but then when I woke up, the problem had been resolved already.  And I ain't a native English speaker, and I am from the other side of the globe, I found that sometimes I was not sensitive enough to realize a problem between the lines.  Therefore, my moderation action seemed limited.

So many years ago, I believe that I was asked by Allister the founder to be a moderator of the CCD forum, but it is funny that I actually never owned any cooled CCD myself!  I was asked to moderate the CCD forum just because I image the planets with a ToUCam Pro!  By then, Cloudynights was still at its infancy, and quality active volunteers were in demand, and I believe that I was very active and I had never been moderated, and so I was invited?   But now I'm considered worthless.  My involvements were not reduced by much, at least I came back daily basically, but now I was told that I was not giving enough.  I was even given a chance to repent.  Of course, I would rather end the shame now.

Anyway, everything has an end.  I just couldn't imagine that it could be like this!  Maybe I should have quit as a moderator when the group challenge was closed a few years ago?  It is now kind of too late?

I guess I will still be around in CN, but it will never be the same again.  I didn't post this is CN, since I don't want to be moderated.  The following was posted instead:

I don't know that red guy in person, and I can't even recognize his ID, maybe he's active these few years and that's enough for him to tell me that I am not active enough despite I had been working for CN for nearly two decades.

Anyway, what I have done, is at least a good experience to myself.  While others might find it worthless now, and that's out of my control.  Internet forums were declining in these few years, but CN is still a good place to gather information and to share.