Thursday, July 19, 2007

20070719 DBK First Light - Jupiter

C5, 2x barlows for the first few shots, later with 3x, trying different exposures and gain, DBK 21AF03, seeing 6/10, transparency 6/10:-

Taken on 2155 (GMT+8), 1/8s exposure, medium gain, f/20, 150% resized, stacked ~200 frames out of ~270 frames, so much cloud moving around, cannot take a longer clip:-

The rest of the AVIs are having codec messed up (Registax cannot debayer, media player shows it as monochrome), tried to repair, but I later found that color information is all lost for it's saved in Y800.

Taken on 2209 (GMT+8), imagine if the color was still there...

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