Friday, December 31, 2010

20101231 Sun

Solar imaging is so addicting in the sense that you can always observe differences, and you can nearly always shoot when the weather allows, and you don't have to go to any dark site, you can do it in your home, and you can do it only with a short period of time.

Very bad seeing 3/10, transparency 3/10.

1401 (GMT+8):-

1402 (GMT+8):-

Poor seeing messed up any fine detail.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

20101230 Sun

The sun continues to shine with low activity, not much change except that large prominence was shrinking.

Two low power shots with reducer:

1520 (GMT+8):-

1521 (GMT+8):-

Higher power shots with 2x barlows:-

1524 (GMT+8):-

1525 (GMT+8):-

1526 (GMT+8):-

Seeing 2/10, transparency 5/10.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

20101229 Sun

Relatively inactive, AR1138 is forming, still weak even in H-alpha. That prominence cluster is still strong.

1449 (GMT+8), with reducer:-

With 2x Tele Vue Barlows:-

1508 (GMT+8):-

1511 (GMT+8):-

1513 (GMT+8):-

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Goodbye all my C mount lenses

I've owned several C mount lenses from 2.3mm to 150mm focal length. They're very great quality at moderate price, and they're compact and small.

I've tried to use them for some quick and simple DSO imaging by stacking with my DMK/DBK. The results are satisfactory for me.

However, since either DMK/DBK or my existing Lumenera requires a notebook to operate, this renders much of its portability advantage to null. I have been thinking whether they could be used for guiding or not, but with my 150mm f/3.2 sold, the rest were not just up to the task.

I've switched entirely to DSLR and Canon lenses, I'll stay at short focal length work, I won't bother to use a telescope and guiding is also not required.

Today, I have sold my last two of my C mount collections. You know, with the rapid growth of the micro 4/3 market, the price of my C mount collection grew! Not bad, right?

20101228 Sun

Seeing 4/10, transparency 7/10.

1508 (GMT+8):-

1509 (GMT+8):-

1520 (GMT+8), with 5x Powermate:-

That prominence is very interesting, it's bright enough. I've tried to use 1/60s with high gain, 1/30s with medium gain and finally 1/15s with low gain. Eventually I've used the one at 1/15s with low gain.

Friday, December 24, 2010

20101224: Silent sun on the silent day

Merry Christmas. Silent "day" reveals a silent sun, there's little activities.

1503 (GMT+8):-

This setup has been serving me quite well, but I'm thinking whether I should sell it or not.

The deal includes my Solarmax 40/BF10, the adapters for my Ranger, including the NGF-CM plus the tube ring. You can upgrade your Ranger to 2" focuser with motor, and you can do solar observation and imaging immediately. Let me know if you're interested.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

20101223 Sun

Again, nothing special, seeing 3/10, transparency 5/10.

1440 (GMT+8):-

I had a brief look with a 20mm eyepiece, the filament extends in a very subtle way and it seems that it's connected to a dim prominence.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

20101222 Sun

Seeing rather bad at 3/10, transparency 4/10, little solar activities.

1242 (GMT+8):-

Saturday, December 18, 2010

20101218 Sun

The sky is still very clear, a little bit less transparent than yesterday but it's close. Seeing is better, however. I would rate seeing at 4/10, transparency at 7-8/10.

There's some nice prominences around. I've tried to do a big mosaic which is the first time with my Lumenera. Clear sky is a must for good mosaic or else cloud will be a huge hindrance. Good solar activity is helpful so that you have alignment point for registax in each individual frames. I found that the high frame rate of my LU070M is very useful, since it shortens the time required for each individual shot!

1153 (GMT+8):-

1156 (GMT+8):-

1206 (GMT+8):-

The mosaic is not posted due to the limitation of inline image of blogger.

Friday, December 17, 2010

20101217 Sun

It's very cold these days in Hong Kong (of course, using Hong Kong's standard), cold wind blowing and that's the reason why the temperature keeps dropping. It translates to poor seeing. The dusty sky is cleared as a side effect.

Seeing 2/10, transparency 8/10.

1127 (GMT+8).

I pulled out my Widescan 20mm to have a look, very interesting but not as active as the last time. Prominences here and there, but yet small. That filament is very nice and dark.

Monday, December 06, 2010

20101206 Sun

The sun is putting on a fine show today, we have a long filament, two big active regions, some very big (a bit dim) prominences.

I also had some visual observation with my Nagler 13mm, AR1131 is three dimensional! That large group of prominence is fantastic! You know, I can see layers of hydrogen in AR1131... you know, H-alpha solar observation is definitely addicting.

1142 (GMT+8), with reducer:-

1143 (GMT+8), with reducer:-

1145 (GMT+8), with 2x barlows, AR1131:-

1146 (GMT+8), with 2x barlows:-

1147 (GMT+8), with 2x barlows, not much more detail can be seen with a dedicated exposure, the Lumenera has a really nice dynamic range:-

1149 (GMT+8), with 2x barlows, AR1131 and AR1133:-