Thursday, July 12, 2007

Indoor limited

This is my old Jupiter gallery before I started this blog, I've stopped updating it for quite long but I just added one image there:-

It is because it's so good that, despite it's taken by my C5, it actually outperform my C8 shots before! Why is that?

Indoor imaging suffered from several big problems:-

1. Seeing: the heated wall is releasing its heat absorbed during the day, also the air-conditioners around are releasing heat, too

2. Clearance: you cannot start imaging until the planets sinks rather low in the sky

Therefore, with my specific situation, maybe 5" is the maximum one can use, going higher will not worsen the situation, but it won't help either. With a 5", you have less clearance issue mentioned above and maybe that helps to get slightly better chance to shoot. Anyway, the result tells the truth.

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