Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Quick solar observation session

For most of the time, EQ mount cannot be polar aligned inside my home, and it's proven.

So, this time I used a LXD55 non-aligned... AR798 has gone out of the view mostly, but on image capturing, I believe part of it was still in view, and I got an image of it as well.

Another not too small AR810 was in view and I captured it.

This time, the b/w cam is unavaiable, and I checked that focusing and exposure was a bit hard to set, but the outcome was not too bad, just some reduction of resolution, but still very useable, I mean for the color webcam.

Sun requires huge dynamic range, so I think we need more like a 16 bit camera more than anything. ST402ME cannot do faster than 1/25s render it useless for h-alpha imaging, or maybe need to use some neutral density filter to reduce light... but...

Thursday, September 15, 2005


So much fun despite exceptionally poor transparency, normally use 1/250s in average day and 1/500s in great days, these are taken at 1/25s, sometimes we have objects fly by the solar disc: