Saturday, July 21, 2007

20070721 Solar

Got good sky, it's very blue, very hard to come by in Hong Kong these years, but seeing is no good, I guess 2-3/10 in best moments, transparency is superb at 8-9/10 with little cloud around. It's a great prominence day.

Full disc captured by Borg 45ED II at prime focus, and then go for high power for prominences with 3x barlows, I usually use 2x but this time I used 3x due to the good transparent sky. High transparency sky enables me to use faster shutter and lower gain, thus lower noise at high effective focal ratio.

1417 (GMT+8), full disc shot, Borg 45ED II at prime focus:-

1418 (GMT+8), full disc prominence shot, Borg 45ED II at prime focus:-

1422, 1423, 1424 (GMT+8), close up of a dragon like prominence, Borg 45ED II with 3x barlows:-

The following two shots are taken at 1425 and 1427 (GMT+8) respectively, showing the surface detail and the dragon like prominence:-

Featured prominences of the day, 1430, 1432, 1434 (GMT+8):-

Two close up shots targeted on those subtle, small and short QRF, taken on 1436 and 1438 (GMT+8):-

Finally, a CaK full disc by Borg 45ED II at prime focus, APM Herschel Wedge and Baader CaK, it shows nothing essentially, taken at 1442 (GMT+8):-

The prominences of today are pretty big indeed, but my SM40 is really too small to really kick up the image scale.

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