Monday, July 02, 2007

20070702 AR961

I was told AR960 comes back as AR961, today we got a lot of cloud, 8/10 and transparent was great, seeing extremely bad.

I got only a very short clip during the cloud gap, better than nothing, all the time below is in HKT (i.e. GMT+8), taken by Borg 45ED II, SM40/BF10 for H-alpha shots, APM Herschel Wedge for white light. Please click for full size.

Taken on 1545, the best of the batch, colorized:-

Same as above, but in black white which I love more:-

A prominence shot, 1546:-

Another shot, 1547, unprocessed:-

1555, white light, APM Herschel Wedge, ND3, TV 2x, white light is most affected by seeing:-

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