Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Orion 100ED and the moon

Got the moon outside in good place, so my Orion 100ED could be pointed to it from indoor, seeing very poor at 2/10, transparency pretty high today at 5/10.

First up is my Pentax 40mm XL, very sharp, no color at the limb in focus, very nice view indeed! Highly contrasty and sharp!

Next is my Nagler 13mm Type 6, again, very sharp. The moon nearly fill in the whole 82 degrees field of view! Again, no color around the limb.

Placing my 5x Powermate in between, the image becomes much dimmer, but it's still okay, no color still. It's about afocal, but you would want to tweak a little bit.

How much magnification that I'm using... let's see... 900*5/13 = 346x!!!

This is a really good telescope! Now, I know that I have got a really good deal!!!!! FPL-53 is not a joke especially at f/9! It's really a poor man's true APO!

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