Thursday, May 21, 2009

Good resources for DIY motors and gears

Check here:

So they support international shipping, and they allow small orders, and they have a wide range of accessories! Have a look if you're looking for something like focusing motors, gears, or something like that for your DIY projects.


On searching for a motor pinion for my 3mm small DC geared motor, I found this shop. The price of the motor is moderate at less than $2 USD each and the shipping charge is rather low at less than $6 USD. I have compared my own motor with the JMI motor from the NGF-CM, they might not be identical but they are 95% similar!

I will try to make a motor mount plate for my Orion 100ED, and if it's successful, I shall proceed to order that pinion gear!


Rinkle said...

Thanks for provide good resources for DIY motors and gears, i appreciate your knowledge. Keep it up!

Gears Manufacturers

Oldfield said...

Thank you for your link too!