Saturday, May 02, 2009

20090502 Sun

The test of my transformed Ranger continued. Tele Vue Ranger with 0.5x binoviewer corrector at the nosepiece of BF10, Solarmax 40 in the front.

Seeing 4/10, transparency 4/10.

1352 (GMT+8):-

1353 (GMT+8):-

Not bad, as least nothing worse when compared with the former Borg 45ED II based images.

Finally, Tele Vue Ranger at prime focus, i.e. the same as above without the 0.5x, drifted during exposure and registax'ed to yield full disc by expand to maximum image size.

1356 (GMT+8):-

This time, the Tmax is less than ideal... should try more.

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