Friday, May 15, 2009

NGF-CM arrived

It's in great condition, near new basically.

The new controller provides variable speed and it's handy. The interface adapter is identical with the NGF-S and therefore, it mates with my Ranger adapter without problem. The 1/4" threaded hole on the base of NGF-S is gone, apparently due to the new location for the motor. Another hole was still around, since it's used to fix the focuser to the telescope interface adapter, and I just use that one to attach the scope to my mount. And it works great.

The motor engagement and disengaged mechanism is a kind of primitive but it works. That oversized knob is pretty troublesome and I expect that it would be broken during transportation. That motor is very familar in appearance, it looks exactly like another DC geared motor which I've acquired to motorize the focuser of my C5! No much complain here for the new motor, it's definitely smaller and there's no more big plastic cover to crack! That NGF-S cover is a kind of crack prone!

The profile of the NGF-S and the NGF-CM is virtually the same. NGF-CM has a brass compression ring, and it has a higher profile 1.25" adapter instead of a zero profile adapter. The manual focusing knobs are nice, easy to turn and accurate.

Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase. I shall take a picture or two later.


Additional Remarks from First Usage:

1. The new controller is excellent in terms of convenience, however, my feeling is that it runs faster than the NGF-S at slowest speed. Maybe I am wrong, but still, slight tappings could give me precise focusing movement.

2. The brass compression ring is not good, especially for that 1.25" adapter, it couldn't lock very tightly.

3. I have to DIY a new cable since the plug on the original cable is too long, older NGF-S cable has one side with a L-type plug which is more flexible.

4. I have removed that manual motor engagement screw, and instead, I used that allen screw for a more permenant engagement for I will use the motor for most, if not all, of the time. Of course, if I were to go out for visual observation, I will use that manual screw.

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