Thursday, May 07, 2009

Focuser for the Ranger

With the departure of my NGF-S, I have to use the original focuser of the Ranger for the time being. I found that the last time I removed the draw tube, it's not in optimal condition now. So, I disassembled the whole thing tonight to try to fix it. I tried various method to insert that stopping pin which guides the draw tube, and I guess I finally know how to put it back in the right way. I have to slide the draw tube all the way until the slot becomes a narrow slot so that the stopping pin can stand up by itself, by then I should fix that screw for that hole... Turn it all the way in until the draw tube was locked by that stopping pin, and from that point, losen that screw very little, actually, as little as possible so that the draw tube is now movable but the pin was still restricted by that screw.

I tried many times to do that, and practice make perfect! Now, it's in great shape.


I have just found a NGF-CM in astromart, and payment was sent on the same day which I shipped my NGF-S. The NGF-CM can be used manually and both motorized, so I guess it's even better for visual observation, the motor in this version is far more compact and easily to bring outside. It should be slightly lighter as well as I read from the net.

Only NGF-S has a 1/4" threaded hole on the base, but the NGF-CM should still have another threaded hole that could be used for mounting, otherwise, I will have to think of other mounting solution for my transformed Ranger.

My Ranger will have a new focuser very soon, and solar imaging will become more effective than now. But at the time being, the fixed original focuser should work out well, too.

The NGF-CM is coming from Singapore this time, and thus it should be faster than from the US hopefully.... I just wish that it could come next week.

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