Thursday, May 28, 2009

Equipment cabinet

Just re-organized and tidy up the things inside. After selling my C5 and my Borg 45ED II, there're some more spaces but it's not well utilized and that's why I pulled most of the things out for re-structuring.

Many not always useful small parts were placed inside a box, and that frees up a lot of rooms. The frequently used items were placed inside another box. The solar filters are placed in corners so that they could be accessed fairly quickly.

A corner was allocated to my DSLR and lenses, previously they were here and there just to fill up any empty spaces (or gaps!) and now they have their corner. I guess that I will move more resources for photography than astronomy since it can be done far more often.

Finally, I'm wondering if I shall list out all those unused items so that I can sell them.

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