Saturday, May 16, 2009

My hacked PST is up for sales!


The updated offering is $1450 shipped including a BF10, so that's what all you will need to use with your telescope for H-alpha solar imaging. If you don't want that BF10, $1000 will do.

It's a system that I have customed made with the help of a local friend. With much of the testing work, trial and error, it works nicely. However, due to my observation location, I couldn't use it for most of the time and thus this is up for sales.

Some samples shots:-

And how it is used with my C5. I've tested it from f/8 to f/10 and it works without problem. In particular, I've used it with a 70mm f/7.7 achromatic refractor, a 100mm ED f/9 refractor as well as a 127mm SCT at f/10.

So here is what's included in the deal, you can re-assemble it to form a PST as a portable setup. A bonus 52mm ERF will be included in the deal. Airmail shipping included for CONUS and for other places, please ask.

The etalon and the adapters side by side.

I would recommend this system as an *imaging* only system, since it might be harmful to your eyes. Take no risk in terms of safety!

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