Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Say goodbye to my NGF-S

Originally, I only plan to sell my Borg 45ED II, but the potential buyer wanted to have a focuser, so I guess I can let him to take it first and then I buy another one later. Somehow I prefer to have a focuser which is both motorized and manual focusable, so now I'm open for other options now.

I placed the original Ranger rear assembly back now, and I just took two solar shots with it again :-)

I guess a NGF-CM should fit my purpose, and if you have one, let me know.


I have a sudden thought about buying a focuser which can be shared between my Orion 100ED as well as my Ranger, but such idea is not feasible indeed since the Ranger has little back focus and thus I need a low profile focuser but then it's not going to work with the 100ED.

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