Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Packing my Borg 45ED II with NGF-S

It's ready for shipping to the new owner. I placed the Borg 45ED II objective and the draw tube into the original box, bubble wrapped. The cable for the NGF-S was placed inside as well.

Next, the Borg #7508 adapter (2" visual back) was screwed together with the NGF-S adapter. One will need to connect that #7508 to the Borg OTA via the male thread (M57P0.75). The adapter on the right is from the NGF-S, and it is used to connect the NGF-S to standard SCT rear port thread, so if one want to use the NGF-S with a SCT, you will need this adapter.

The above two adapters were wrapped and packed inside another Borg paper box. This is not the original box for these adapters, but I found it handy and the adapters fit well there.

These two screws are removed from the NGF-S, I packed them separated since they're pretty long and could be bended seriously during transportation. However, since they're pretty small, please make sure that they will not be thrown away when buried in the pile of packing materials. I stucked this little plastic bag inside the focuser draw tube.

So, all the boxes are placed inside another box. This is the view before those peanuts were stuff'ed in. The longer Borg box contains the Borg 45ED II OTA together with the NGF-S controller cable. The small white pack on the right of it contains the NGF-S hand controller, there is a 9V battery inside but it's pretty old, I guess it can still run the focuser for several hours, but in case you need to replace it, feel free to open the box.

The smaller Borg box contains the adapters above, finally, the bubble wrapped thing on the left of it is the NGF-S with the set screws sneaked inside the draw tube.

Finally, I wrapped the whole box for elegancy. :-) The scissors is for demonstration only, it gives a rough idea about the size of the box.

Mailing address has been printed and sticked to the top and bottom of the box to make sure that in case one of them got detached accidentally, there's another one.

Good bye my lovely Borg 45ED II with NGF-S, it has been with me to my first total solar eclipse trip, and to other dark places in the world, it also spent many afternoon with me for solar imaging with my Solarmax 40/BF10. I wish it all the best and I believe that it's going to perform well for the years to come!

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