Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My C5 OTA and accessories

These were posted for a potential buyer for my C5 OTA as well as related accessories. I hope these will show the condition of the C5, as well as its potential.

The red dot unit finder comes with it originally, and both end caps are included. A small dovetail is used for mounting to CG5/GP style GEM, alternatively, there are a few 1/4" thread holes on that dovetail so that you may mount it to good camera tripod.
The corrector is very clean since I rarely take it outside.

I have attached a focusing motor there. You can remove it easily, and no modification has been done to the OTA, no hole was drilled, everything intact.

To disengage the motor, simply take away that "rubber band" (that's not really a rubber band, but it is a special pully belt). This focusing motor is JMI or Meade compatible, you can even use a Shoestring FCUSB to remote control it via a computer, do autofocusing with any ASCOM compatible software.

This is a DIY motor controller box. It is powered by 4 AA rechargeables. Since it gives 4.8V DC which is very close to USB, so I have added a USB socket there. This socket was used to power my TG-SP II which requires 6V native, but I found 4.8V sufficient too. I even used this box to charge up my mobile phone via standard USB cable!

Here are the optional items. A f/6.3 reducer in near new condition, and a machined 2" visual back with two oversized locking knobs for heavy accessories. With the reducer, it becomes a highly portable 800mm focal length f/6.3 astrograph, or telephoto lens. Imagine how much it would cost for a 800mm f/5.6 prime lens ;-)

Okay, let's see some images taken with this small OTA, first up is Mars.

And then Jupiter.

Finally, another Jupiter.

These were taken with a DBK 21AF04.AS for the color shots and the monochromatic one is taken with a DMK 31AF03.AS... This C5 OTA changed my concept.... I previously think that we need at least 8 inch to do planet imaging, but as you can see, even C5 can produce something decent with newer technologies!

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Gary said...

The Jupiter photos are really amazing for a 5 inch telescope. The bands are so constrasty! 真是無得頂啊!