Friday, May 01, 2009

20090501 Sun (Ranger)

First light of my transformed Ranger! At prime focus, the image quality is excellent, nothing worse than my Borg 45ED II. Full disc imaging is harder, that 0.5x corrector is not powerful enough if placed in front of the C mount adapter, but it's too powerful if an filter thread extension tube is added so that there is insufficient in-travel. However, it works perfectly when the corrector is placed in front of the BF10! Therefore, I can do full disc shot as easy as before.

My LXD55 is powerful enough to carry it even if not fully balanced due to the extension plate added to make it closer to the window frame. Therefore, the Borg 45ED II could be replaced totally.

Two shots at prime focus merged, 1415 (GMT+8):-

Taken with 0.5x corrector, the focus should be wrong, I should be more patient next time, but at least it shows that it could reach focus and it could take the full disc at once, 1425 and 1426 (GMT+8) respectively:-

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