Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lunar Occultation with Venus

Since my wife will be working and my domestic helper will be off, I will need to take both kids with me. I won't bring too much stuff and I can't go too far. And it's also dinner time. Given all these parameters, I would:

1. Go to a place where it's close to my home, probably here:


This is where I took my partial eclipsed sunset last time, I can get there within 15 minutes walk.

2. I shall bring my Canon 450D + Kenko 2x + Canon 100-400mm to shoot on a short tripod, it's portable enough to bring with my kids. The Kenko 2x might be or might not be used.

3. I shall bring also my Canon 10x30 IS for some visual observation.

This is my tentative plan... and of course, before all these I will have to cook dinner and to eat earlier with the kids at home!

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