Thursday, May 27, 2010

Goodbye my LXD55 and the meaning behind

Yes, I finally managed to sell it, after a huge price slash :-)

My life style changes make me sell this one, and the recent "bad contact" problem of the Autostar triggered the price drop. I've ordered a iOptron GPS Cube for indoor solar imaging purpose. I've been going from alt-az tracking to equatorial tracking in the hope to push the quality further, but now I'm going the reverse route since I know that I'm not going to shoot much in high magnification because of the rapid construction work around my home building, my lovely home@walnut "observatory" which is, indeed, an open window from my "playing room".

Together with it, I'm going to pass the Gitzo G1415 along with the deal. This tripod has been serving me since I was using the excellent Giro + GiroDrive combination. It's my primary foundation for planet imaging, and again, I know that this is going to an end. Indoor planet imaging is no longer do-able for most of the time for it's even harder than solar imaging. When I sold my Giro + GiroDrive, I know it's finished. Another important duty of my G1415 is for my portable "C8 anywhere" project and it's a huge success as well. Of course, I'm not going out to the darker sky as much as before. All that means my G1415 has accomplished all its purpose with me, I really have to thank its excellent service - light weight, portable, excellent stability, versatility! :-)

Now, I wonder if I could use my Orion 100ED with my Unistar Light on a oh-so-light Gitzo G106 tripod, if not, I'm going to do another huge price slash for my Orion 100ED.

I will remain a solar "addict" with my coming iOptron GPS cube for indoor solar imaging, I will do some casual visual observation like before, and I will continue to do some toy planet and lunar imaging. Finally, some light weight wide field imaging with my TG-SP II plus DSLR, and if possible, to do eclipse chasing.

Only time will tell, I might go for a C5 again for planet imaging later.

The miscellaneous stuff to the mount and tripod, and they are to be handed to the new owner together:

This is also part of the reason why I've to sell it. It's heavy to me, it's bulky so that I only managed to get it out once or twice. And it's so easy to miss one or two parts.


I'm trying to sell my Orion 100ED including the rings at $3300 HKD, let me know if you're interested. This is an excellent telescope, light weight and portable despite you might imagine it's not. A Unistar Light can be offered at the same time at $1200 HKD additional. Notice that this special offer is valid for my local Hong Kong blog viewer ONLY.

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