Sunday, May 02, 2010

A dream dual purpose camera

For solar/lunar/planetary imaging, you need a fast frame rate camera with a smaller chip and less pixels.

For deep sky imaging, you need a camera with cooling with a bigger chip and more pixels.

But you don't often see these two coming together, it is because if you want high frame rate, you will need to give up the amount of pixels or else the data rate would be too high so that you will be forced to give up on the frame rate.

To solve this problem, the best thing is to have ROI (Region of Interest) and it is something like the video mode of the Canon 550D, in that mode, you are capturing only the center portion of your CCD under high frame rate. Lumenera did support this by hardware, and the frame rate can actually increase with a smaller ROI. So, this could be a great starting point for such a dual purpose camera. The ROI of DMK is another story, since it's just software cropping, the frame rate would be the same with this kind of cropping.

Since I still have a couple of Lumenera LU070M with me, I might want to add Peltier cooling to one of them? Since it's a board version camera, adding a cooler would be easier and I actually have a Peltier chip with a matching cooling fan around sitting idle. So, the first job is to find a suitable case for it! Let's see what I would have!

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