Monday, May 03, 2010

20100503 Sun

My head is still dizzy but that could not stop me from solar imaging. Today, I pulled out my long offset plate which would only be used during summer when the sun is in a bad position from inside my home. The LXD55 still works flawlessly, except the Autostar shows nothing on the screen... it tracks and it slews around without problem.

Full disc was taken with the reducer, and close-up were obtained by adding a 5x Powermate on top of the reducer, not exactly the best combination but it's just easier to setup. You know, I'm even too lazy to remove the BF10 and unscrew the reducer from its nosepiece... another point is that, the Powermate is close to parfocal, and so by keeping the reducer in place, the amount of re-focusing would be negligible, a quick fix is enough with my NGF-CM.

AR1067 and AR1068 can be seen easily.

1517 (GMT+8):-

1520 (GMT+8):-

1521 (GMT+8):-

1529 (GMT+8):-


Willis Chan said...

Yesterday I also did observation. Visually I don't see the active region, but a few small prominences. If I use DMK, I might see more on the monitor. May be my eyes are not so sensitive to Ha...

Oldfield said...

Did you use the black cloth trick? How long did you observe?

H-alpha features are very low contrast, you need much patience... try sketching, it helps too.