Monday, May 31, 2010

Orion 100ED on Unistar Lighter + Gitzo G106

On selling my LXD55, I need to see if I still have a mount which can carry it, the situation is even worse since my Gitzo G1415 will be sold with the LXD55 and therefore, I will only have a small Gitzo G106 to use. The G1415 + Unistar should handle the Orion 100ED well since this combination can even hold a C8!

This morning, I pulled out everything to try. Yes, it works apparently and the bottom line is that, it will tip over or fall down by minimum breeze or even a light push. Then I insert a Pentax 40mm SMC XL into the focuser to test, at such a low power 22.5x, it's okay and the vibration induced by the focusing action would be totally damped out in around 5 seconds and with the help of a finger as shock aborber, it will stop nearly immediately.

This is use-able but not great, so I set the G106 to shorter height. It's a 4-section tripod and the shortest part has a very thin leg, so it makes sense to do that to stablize the whole setup.

Yes, it helps. So I pulled out my 13mm Nagler Type 6 for a test. This should be the highest power that I would use without tracking. It translates to 69x but with the huge field of view of the Nagler, it's perfectly okay. I further tighten the friction control knobs of the Unistar Light and it remains very useable.

Conclusion: I shall keep my Orion 100ED at the time being, and I shall further test it under the starry sky when possible.

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