Thursday, May 20, 2010

iOptron SmartStar-G

I was told that it's shipped with tracking number: CP518870465US.

The seller did international priority with insurance and thus, I will probably have to pick it up from Yau Ma Tei central post office. I expect that it will arrive next week, probably at the time during the preparation of my Hebrew final examination.

Anyway, I shall take it after my Hebrew examination day, and then to send the cable modem back to the ISP on the same day. A day of local travelling.

This mount should replace my LXD55, once it arrives and after testing, I shall detach the motors and sell them independently.

This mount should be far more portable than the LXD55, for it requires no counter weight, and it's more compact to take around. It does not have a similar loading capacity, but then I don't need it except with my Orion 100ED.

Therefore, the new use cases analysis of my stuff would be:

1. Indoor solar imaging: Cube mount + Ranger + Solarmax 40/BF10 + Lumenera
2. Outdoor solar imaging: Takahashi TGSP-II + Ranger + Solarmax 40/BF10 + Lumenera
3. Deep sky observation: Unistar Lighter + Orion 100ED
4. Wide field imaging: Takahashi TGSP-II + Canon 450D
5. Outdoor ad hoc observation events: Cube mount + Ranger

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