Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just a record: Lunar Occultation with Venus

went out as planned, just less stuff as the sky was totally white, full of cloud.

Armed with my Canon 450D plus 100-400mm, and a Canon 10x30 IS for my daughters Alby and Almy, we walked for around 15 minutes. And on the way to our destination, we managed to see the Moon with Venus on and off. We even witness the first contact and the second contact... but then no more view afterward.

Due to the unpromising sky condition, I didn't even bring my tripod, so these are the best shot processed to bring out more detail at the expense of noise.

Alby and Almy :-)

Alby managed to use the 10x30 IS by herself without problem, but Almy had a hard time pointing it to the target, anyway, they both enjoy the visual view more. Yes, the Moon and the Venus is big enough and bright enough.

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