Saturday, December 03, 2011

20111203 Moon

Clear sky and boring heart, pulled out my Ranger and Lu070M for a short shooting session.  Without a tracking mount, I must do hand tracking.  Centering the moon with a ballhead is like a joke, but it's not impossible if you can give up a little bit precision.  Tracking is virtually useless due to the shake introduced by the slow motion control cable.

This time, I limit myself for using prime focus and then going for 2x.  I left my 5x Powermate since I don't want to trick myself any more.

Let's see the first two at prime focus, fine detail could be resolved without any problem.

The fast frame rate of the Lu070M certainly helps to generate over 1000 frames while the image of the moon drifts...

With 2x barlows, this one has less than perfect focus:-

Again with 2x barlows, focus fine tuned:-

Just for fun... seems like even if I have a motor for the Mark-X, target centering at high power is still very hard.  Got to think of a good solution.

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