Monday, December 19, 2011

2011-12-19 Sun

It's time to test my Mark-X after the integration with the Carton CXD-1 motor (Tele Vue System Mount OEM).

I'd say it works perfectly, I've zero complain.  Despite my existing mounting plate does not allow balancing, the motor proved to deliver enough torque to turn the mount very nicely in both directions, and even at FAST mode, it works great without any major backlash.

First one is taken with my DIY blue filter with reducer lens, so I can take the solar disc in a single shot:-

Second one is taken with a 2x barlows plus a green filter, close up of AR1381 and AR1382:-

Only the original Ranger focuser was used, the mount is a bit shaky during focusing so the focus is not very accurate.


I left the motor running for several hours after taking these images, and it tracks nicely. 

Longing to test it under the star, maybe I shall try it out tonight from inside home if possible.

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