Monday, December 12, 2011

20111212 Sun

Yes, I'm going solar imaging again with my pinholes filter.  I do it because I would like to try out my latest configuration of my Mark-X.  A simple rotatable quick release plate is now used as the DEC body.  Given a carefully balanced setup, it's operable even at 960mm with ease.  I'll settle myself with that at the time being for another ballhead does not help for minor adjustment, careful balance is even better!

This short imaging session is also to test my newly DIY reducer lens, and the results can be shown as below:

This is a mosaic of two frames.  I believe that I can adjust the position of the reducer lens in the optical chain to allow one shot full disc like before.

I've fine tuned the polar alignment with a good quality compass and an inclinometer application running on my wife's Android phone.  With 2x, hand tracking was easy with minimal vibration and the polar alignment seems of good quality:

The bigger group is AR1374 and the smaller group is AR1375.

After this brief solar imaging session, I began to investigate ways to make a better reducer to get full disc without stitching mosaic.  I've attached a small binocular objective to a generic blue filter by using those instant glue and the result seems great!  Even the built-in focuser of my Ranger could reach focus.  Here's a snapshot of the sun through glass window:

It's not calcium K but just a general blue filter as below:

The lens edge could be blackened to further improve the quality.  Now, I only wish to have a Baader 3.8 solar film for my Ranger so that I can do high power at better quality!

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