Monday, December 26, 2011

Portable EQ tracking mount idea

There are several portable EQ tracking platforms available from the market, like TP-1 from a local dealer, a CD-1 from somewhere else.  Now, I'm wondering if it could be made rather easily with off-the-shelf components.

First of all, the mechanical part could be acquired by disassembling those Vixen Porta-like mount (120 tooth), by doing that, you can effectively make two such EQ tracking mounts.

Secondly, the motor could be hacked by other existing RA tracking motors.  For example, the Carton CXD-1 controller which I bought.  One can always change the crystal to adapt to the different teeth numbers.

With that in mind, you will be able to have two such mounts by disassembling two Porta-like mount !  Even if we factor in the cost for those Aluminium plates and screws, we can easily keep the cost rather low.

I shall explore such opportunity once the Vixen Porta-like mount arrived.  I've at least one of the two axes as spare part.  I guess I can keep this kit at around $1000 HKD.

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