Friday, December 09, 2011

Total Lunar Eclipse Observation Site

Last night I went out jogging as usual but it was a planned one.  Jogging aside but checking out the site on spot was the real purpose.  You know the moon travels along the sky and the exact path is not difficult to predict but then it's not always easy to predict whether it will be blocked or not especially with all those trees and buildings in sight.  To put it short, I've found a perfect spot near my home.  And I've been there before for the partial solar eclipse around two years ago:

 This map shows how to get there, nearby landmarks were Nam Cheong station (西鐵南昌站), Metro Harbor View (港灣豪庭), etc.

And the exact spot where I will be observing.  Inside the playground, you will see a path where you could go up, and I will be up there since it will clear up all the trees.

For the eclipse detail, see here:

And as from the timing chart, you will see that we won't detect major changes until 20:45, so I guess that I won't be there until 20:20 and totality will be around 22:31, and I won't stay late unless the sky is suboptimal such that I'll need to catch every chance.

I will take my tripod on a manual tracking mount,  a small telescope (my only one now), a pair of binoculars and of course, my camera.  You will see an interesting eclipsed moon at first and then a deep red moon hanging up there if sky allows during totality.

If we miss that opportunity, we will need to wait until 2015!  This year we have two of them but the last one was not well observed due to the poor weather.

You are welcome to join me, but please call me to confirm whether I'm there or not.  I might go somewhere else to get good composition with some interesting terrestrial targets.

Updated 2011/12/10:

The weather was getting nice and we have a blue sky now!  I will finalize my equipment line up like this:

1. Gitzo G106 with Manfrotto 410 head (skip the Mark-X)
2. A long mounting plate for both my Ranger and my camera
3. A simple DC of my daughter
4. Canon 10x30 IS

I've removed the JMI NGF-CM from my Ranger and use the original focuser to ease my load, 2" wide field  is not required for lunar eclipse.

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