Monday, December 05, 2011

Nexstar Mount Gear Set

More information is provided here for ATM:

The bigger one was about 6" in diameter and the smaller one was 5", the central hole was 22mm in diameter:-

In addition to these two gears, there's an additional mounting block which holds either of the two gears in place (22mm shaft).

This is the other side of the mounting block where you could put a telescope, or dovetail saddle or whatever you will want to mount on it.

This mounting block could be attached to either of these two gears with a roller bearing and plastic "washer" as some sort of "slip clutch":-

Given this combination, you may want to use them as a DEC body or even a RA body with a suitable motor.

Ask for $40 USD shipped for the above.  And I can include two DC geared motor with matching brass gears at $40 USD extra, they could be used to drive the big gears.

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