Thursday, December 29, 2011

Altazimuth mount arrived

It arrives in great condition.  It works quite good and it's built quality is pretty good as well.

The worm shaft was 6mm and I've some brass gears and metal shaft couplers on hand, motorizing it should be rather easy by mounting my existing DC geared motor to it.

Removing those slow motion controls were easy as well, you can always assemble it together again if you want.  It could be attached to the Mark-X rather easily by using a simple L-shape plate.

A fully operable dual-axis EQ mount should be ready very soon!

The bottom half of the mount could be used very easily as a portable EQ mount!

I've further removed that 3/8" adapter on the bottom half and so I got two identical worm driven slow motion control as shown below:

On the bottom side, there are three mounting screws but there are six threaded hole for mounting in total.  On the top side we had 8 M8 threads holes, these holes come in four opposite pairs separated by 35mm which is Takahashi compatible.

On the upper unit, a Vixen compatible dovetail was included and fixed by four M8 screws.  The lower unit was fixed to the mounting arm with two M8 screws.  There units were filled with typical Chinese glue like grease but they worked quite well actually.

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