Saturday, December 24, 2011

Ordered an altazimuth mount!

Why I am doing this?

First of all, by selling my TG-SP II, I got back some cash together with this Mark-X, but even if I inject 1/3 of the original cost of my TG-SP II, I would be able to get back a fully operable mount, so it's a real bargain, indeed.

I've a plan to remove the slow motion control of this altazimuth mount and re-fit it to the Mark-X as the DEC axis.  This will facilitate high power imaging.  In addition to that, from what I've seen, this part should be motorized rather easily, so I will have a dual axis mount for higher power imaging.

For the other axis, maybe it could be used to aid polar alignment?  I don't know...

That's the first time I bought stuff from, see how it works out.  The pricing is definitely attractive.

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