Wednesday, July 08, 2009

My main eyepiece box

After equipment re-organizations, here is my main eyepiece box. It consists of a 40mm Pentax SMC XL, a 13mm Tele Vue Nagler Type 6, a 0.5x Siebert optics binoviewer corrector, a 20mm Japanese Widescan Type III, a Tele Vue 5x Powermate, a 7mm Japanese Orthoscopics, a 1.25" thread extension tube, a Tele Vue 2x Barlows.

The Pentax is my wide field scanning eyepiece, it also serves as my finder eyepiece.

The Widescan is parfocal with my DMK as well as ToUCam Pro, good for target centering as well as rough initial focus.

The 13mm Nagler is my main observation eyepiece, once the target is located, I will switch to this one, excellent for deep sky observing, solar observing and lunar observations.

The 7mm Ortho is my planetary eyepiece, it is just excellent, super sharp and contrasty.

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