Thursday, July 16, 2009

20090716 Jupiter

Finally, I got it. It's hanging outside now but it's rather low in the sky, I should have waken up earlier. Anyway. It's pretty cloudy essential but I did try.

Sky: Seeing 4/10, transparency 0-8/10.
Telescope: Orion 100mm ED f/9
Camera: DMK 31AF03.AS
Barlows: Tele Vue Powermate 5x
Mount: Meade LXD55

First of all, I pulled out my Pentax 40mm SMC XL to center the ball in the field, hey it's oh-so-sharp! There are so many stars in the background sky but the brightest ball is too bright to see. Those satellites were nicely and equally separated, two at each side. Great view indeed. Then, I inserted my Japanese 7mm Ortho there...


What a view! Plain sharp! GRS is right in the face and I could see so much detail! This is one of the best view of Jupiter that I ever had! Impressive! I guess part of the reason is owing to the fact that I didn't see Jupiter for very long! And another part of the reason is the refractor view... It's just another story when compared to SCT, period. Bigger aperture really helps, but quality aperture also counts. :-) Don't beat me if you don't agree, just enjoy your own view as much as I enjoyed mine.

Then I pulled out my DMK... at prime focus first... it's just cute!

0439 (GMT+8), all the satellites in place!

Then I inserted the 5x, but then cloud rolled in, and it keeps rolling in... anyway, I have several 400 frames AVIs (I usually get 1000 at 30fps) between those nasty cloudy, so far when I am typing this, the view is still totally covered.

(After processing, I found those smaller AVIs are all bad due to the variation of cloud thickness and sky condition)

And just before the sky turned blue, I managed to get a much bigger cloud gap. See what can I get. I couldn't do very critical focusing because time is running short, so I just took two clips with slightly different focus position. See my luck and my guts feeling about correct focus this time.

0505 (GMT+8):-

0507 (GMT+8):-

Which one is better in your eyes?

I am going to try out my 450D in video mode next time when I got more time.

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