Friday, July 03, 2009

Jogging under the stars

I live in the urban center of Hong Kong. Other than the strong light pollution and air pollution, there are just too many tall buildings around so that the amount of visible sky is very narrow and scattered.

Recently, I have developed a new hobby in night time - jogging. Around an hour after my dinner, I would walk for ~10 minutes to a playground to have some jogging. That playground gives a much wider field of view, and the sky is a little bit darker there as well. While I am jogging, I would look up (guess what, this is a "signature" of amateur astronomer) to see what's in the sky. When the sky is clear, I could identify some constellations. And while I'm jogging slowly, I also notice that the stars are "moving" slowly as well. The stars pattern shift a little bit from night to night, and occassionally due to my schedule, I needed to go out later, but then I would soon notice the difference!

The stars are jogging with me, and they're telling me the time. The time of the day and the time of the year. Stars keep moving and life should keep moving. They know where they're going and I know why I'm jogging too. When we're getting older, we just need a little bit more physical exercise. I would go home after each jogging session and the stars were at their home forever (compared to human lifespan), moving and telling us the history of the universe.

I found that I love all sorts of natural activities at night, camping, hiking and now jogging, guess what, they all originated from my love to the night sky!

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