Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Equipment line-up for upcoming solar eclipse

This is a plan for local observation, i.e. a partial eclipse.

1. For friends and passerby, I will prepare two sets of eclipse glasses.

I will also use my Canon 10x30 IS with Baader filter. I will need to make a better mount for the filter since it could be dangerous for the present one.

2. For photography:

- White light: Canon 450D + Kenko 2x + Canon 200mm f2.8L with Thousand Oaks filter, controlled using timer release automatically after the first contact and I will take exposure every 5 minutes.

- H-alpha: Ranger with reducer + Solarmax 40 with BF10 + DMK 31AF03, target for first contact plus a few shots in between the partial eclipse, maybe every 10 minutes and then let people look through it in between the exposures. Each sub-frame should have around 300 frames only to save disk space and time.

- Mount: my TG-SP II should be good enough but I might take my LXD55 for stability

- Power: My notebook would need that 12V SLA, and the DMK would also draw power there via a powered 1394 hubs.


If I were to travel, I will only bring the white light setup on TG-SP II, and also my Canon 10x30 IS like the last year.

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