Wednesday, July 29, 2009

DIY reducer experiments

I have two small objective lens, one is 30mm f=122 and the other one is 21mm f=200mm. They might be suitable as the optics for a webcam/eyepiece reducer project.

For the mounting, I've some cheap 1.25" filter lying around and I can remove the filter glass and replace them with one of the lens above. The 30mm lens is a bit too big for this purpose, but still, I can stick the lens on the filter mount so that they could be attached to eyepiece/webcam. The 21mm lens fits nicely within the filter mount.

Both of them works basically. However, with my transformed Ranger, I found that both of them failed to reach focus, I need around 5mm more in-travel. So, I will probably need to give up.

Having said that, there's still one more way to try, i.e. to mount that 21mm lens directly inside the BF10 for solar imaging, but I will need to invent a good detachable way.


Put that 21mm lens inside the BF10 still failed, since this lens has rather long focal length and the big reduction factor requires more in-travel.

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