Thursday, July 09, 2009

20090709 Sun - Color Experiment (cont)

This is to continue the experiment yesterday, one more data point before the sunspot goes away. Same equipments:

Blue filter:-

Green filter:-

It seems like that green is superior, but the difference is not too much. However, I guess that's enough for me to stick with green from now on.

Transparency remains high today, many local amateurs comment that the moon was brightest these days among these months (maybe years). Frankly, I never felt hot when I'm trying to point my Ranger on the sun, but yesterday and today, I really felt the heat! I pulled out a piece of paper and it burns within 3 seconds, this was never the case from my experience. The heat sink on my Herschel wedge is now more useful than before, I never feel the need to have it there before.

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Willis Chan said...

Yes! I just see the two sunspots. However its' size is diminishing.